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Commercial Use

Sidewinder uses a number of third party components - if you are thinking of using Sidewinder in a commercial context then you will need to know what these components are and their licensing terms. The list of components with links to their licences can be found here.

Version History

  • v1.5.3 (06 Mar 2013)
    • Added /nowaitprompt cmdline switch to control whether the "Press a key..." prompt is displayed. Also support in fluent update commands with "NoWaitPrompt()".
    • Fixed issue with launch process args
    • Fixed issue when not specifying LogPath
  • v1.5.2 (13 Feb 2013)
    • Merged pull requests (thanks guys!) that provide a few bug fixes and some new features.
    • Now supports .net 4.5 packages
    • Supports semantic version syntax
    • Updated to v2.8 Nuget.Core package
    • If update fails then sidewinder.exe doesn't auto close but prompts user to "press a key".
    • Sidewinder can be hosted on a custom feed now (see below)
    • New fluent update commands - "RelaunchSelfAfterUpdate()", "LaunchAfterUpdate(cmdline)" & "UseCustomFeedForSidewinder(feedUrl)".
  • v1.5.1 (9th Dec 2013)
    • Added ability to control whether the official NuGet feed is used as a fallback if a package on a custom feed cannot be found (fix in response to this issue)
    • Sidewinder.exe switch is: /skipofficialfeed
    • UpdateConfigBuilder fluent method: .SkipOfficialFeed()
  • v1.5.0 (20th Feb 2013)
    • Added ability to control the output/logging verbosity. New cmdline switch is /loglevel, available levels are debug, info, warn, error. You can also set the level in the app updater stub that sits inside your application. A default console logger implementation is supplied but you can replace this with your own custom implementation (see AppUpdateFactory.Setup method, there are SetLoggingLevel() and UseLogger() for you to control the logging behaviour).
  • v1.4.0 (13th Apr 2012)
    • Added auto launch (ShellExec) of readme.txt in package root.
    • Fixed cleanup step to only remove package update files if resolution action set to "overwrite". For 'manual' or 'ask' modes the files will be left in the "updates" folder to allow you to manually check/resolve conflicts.
  • v1.3.3 (17th Mar 2012) - bug fix for "updating" a package that is not installed - it was not downloading it when it should have been.
  • v1.3.2 (16th Mar 2012) - updates to allow content file conflict resolution.
    • New command line switches (and associated fluent method extensions)
    • /overwrite - forces overwrite of a package content file if it already exists in the installation location
    • /manual - skips file copy if there is an existing file. Package files are left in the download location for manual resolution.
    • Updated NuGet.Core package to v1.6.2
  • v1.2


  • To Ahmad Hania for the Target Icon
  • To sidewinder user David A. Sjøen for the pull request that added .net 4.5 package support and some bug fixes - thanks!
  • To sidewinder user jacobe for the pull request that added some new features & bug fixes - great work, much appreciated!

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